Support plans

Hazibo builds your site so that you can fully maintain it with ease. But we understand from time to time your site can get cobwebs and suddenly a year has passed without adding a single blog post! This is how we can help you…

Light support

£20per month (paid annually)
  • Great for small amends every now and again and your not too web savvy to work it out for yourself. We are happy to help you.

Pro support

£25per month (paid annually)
  • Trying to blog regurlary but can’t find the time, maybe you want to make a few amends to the site? Then this is the plan for you.

Advanced support

£30per month (paid annually)
  • Hazibo goes the extra mile, we will completely look after your web baby. Report analytics, blog, make design amends, create new pages – we will be working for you!

Advanced PAYG

£60one off for the month
  • You get everything that the advanced support plan offers. However, if you don’t want to commit long term or just want to blast through amends without costing for the year then PAYG is your way to go.

Light support

Pro support

Advanced support

Support features      
Hours / month 2 4 6
Response time 3 working days 2 working days 1 working day
Search engine performance monitoring once / month twice / month twice / month
Google Analytics reports once / month twice / month twice / month
Content updates (text & images)      
Writing your SEO blog  1 / month  2 / month
Social media updates  1 / month  2 / month
Design amends   small   large
Site health check  
New browser/device tests  

* something not on the list? Talk to us.

Hours / month

We often get asked how long it takes to action certain tasks and what will we do for the time each month, to give you an idea for our most popular, Pro support package, it would take us around 10 minutes to upload a news or blog post, so long as its provided by you, leaving plenty of time to perform SEO work, however, if you needed us to write the news article much of this two hours would be taken up researching and then writing it.

But thats the beauty of our website maintenance packages, the time can be spent differently each month, so perhaps you need a new webpage put together along with some images and news postings one month, while the following month we work on Search Engine Optimisation improvements. We’re happy to work this out best for you whilst ensuring the necessity of updating your websites system (where applicable) is always a priority.

We’ll keep you informed each month by way of our invoice as to what work has been completed and if we think we’ll need to go over the arranged monthly time we’ll agree it with you before any work is completed. And don’t worry if you think you’ll have a quiet month, we can work on extra projects such as redesigning your website to help spread the cost of a large upgrade.

Relax and let us do it for you!

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